On The Trail of Bigfoot

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The Worlds Most Elusive Creatures
          a continuing series


This Search  For Bigfoot and The Skunkape




The Plan:

Attain all possible knowledge of Bigfoot creatures

Investigate  sightings and study the failures of others to produce significant documented evidence of the creatures existence.

Blend in alot of common sense, to a scientific approach

one of the prints we found

Creature Eyes


setting up camera locations







Face of the creature?


Heres what we`ve found so far.
"On The Trail of Bigfoot"
Part One of Four in a series

"On The Trail of Bigfoot" part two

"On The Trail of Bigfoot" part 3

Bows,Arches and Structures..The Theory


Bows we found in the area

Why You Dont See Bigfoot

by Randy Gee

On The Trail of Bigfoot and Skunkapes....
Imagine the creature in the first picture in daylight mite be able to see it....then again maybe not,, In the first pic it has a dog in its arms......zooming in... the second pic, there appears to more animals surrounding it on the ground.

Now imagine you see  it at night......assuming   you have night vision and infrared equipment to see it with,,,its gonna have to be extremely powerful  to illuminate the woods.

Picture 3, Converting to grayscale,,,which is how it looks with infrared .. the  creature takes on a new look, if you zoom in on it,,,or download the picture and enlarge it,,,,its face looks like a deer,,,,,who would notice a deer? its fur around the neck gives it that appearance,,,, the discoloration on the top of  the head makes it look like it is another animal,  a small one,,, factor in those animals around its feet and legs and you just met the ultimate  stealth machine.

Picture 4, is a still image taken from a video my son and I shot, a odd face looks makes it look almost deerish, but there is a deer by its feet, along with some other animals.and yep,,,theres also a dog in the picture.
Watching the playback of what we filmed you dont see these things,,,,,but zoom in,,,frame advance it,,,,and you see a whole new world. Im working on the audio now,it has some sounds that are incredible!!!


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