Crawfish Cajun Style
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Jim`s Crawfish Recipes

If you are going to cook more than one pot of crayfish you will need a pot with a strainer basket to hold your crayfish. Crayfish can be cooked on a kitchen stove, but it’s easier if you have one of the outdoor gas cookers. These units can bring a big pot of water to boil in a hurry. They can be purchased at many large department or building supply stores for under $50.00.

Basic Salted

 Crayfish can be cooked without salt if you are on a low sodium diet,  
                         but they won’t taste as good. Salted crayfish may be a good way to start  
                         for people who are not used to eating a lot of cajun spices.
                                       I’ve tasted swamp crayfish from some suppliers that were so muddy  
                         tasting they needed to be smothered in cajun spice. Eating salted crayfish  
                         is a good way to tell what your crayfish really taste like.
                                       Bring a pot (2 - 3 gallons) of water to a boil. Stir in one pound of  
                         non-iodized salt and return to boil. This may seem like an excessive amount  
                         of  salt, but crayfish are not in the water very long and it’s not easy for      
                         the salt/seasoning to seep around the shell into the meat. Boil crayfish for
                         3 or 4 minutes.  They will float to the surface and turn bright orangish-red.  
                         Drain crayfish and let cool slightly before eating.

Cajun Boiled

boiled the same as salted crayfish but much less salt is used. Crayfish or crab, cajun spice seasoning is added to the water to taste. If you look at the ingredients you’ll see that salt is the main  ingredient in most of these packages.


Its Crawfish Time!!!

February..... its a great time of the year to be outdoors. The air is still cool, and there arent very many bugs out. Plus it means , its time for some of Jim Jesters crawfish boils. Cajun boiled crawfish with lots of spice , potatoes and corn, and whatever your favorite beverage happens to be.

When Jims cookin, it means, lots of family fun, four wheeling, horeshoes and  just about anything you can think of that involves family and friends getting together for a good time. 

We cant all cook like Jim , but run down to shreveport, La. pick you up some crawfish, and you ll get the hang of it. Jim put some recipes together to share with everyone,, if you have any questions about cooking just drop him a line at  and he will be glad to help ya!

Jim riding kids at a crawfish boil

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