Red River Razorbacks

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( l-r ) Dusty Hobbs,his son , and Kelly Strain

Ultimate Hog Hunting  with the Red River Razorbacks

A 70 lb pit bull pins a hog by its ears, just so you can catch it by the hind legs,the monster hog stands and runs through the woods, pit bull still attached. Sound like something you wanna do? Dusty catches the hog, and guess what? The pit, is still locked to the hogs ear!  Dusty uses state of the art GPS tracking, dog collars with cams and a lot more equipment I want mention.

Hog hunting is a popular outdoor pastime in many parts of the United States. Its liberal rules and regional appeal make it a major recreational industry across the American Southeast, particularly in states like Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, where wild hog numbers are high and the tradition of hunting the creatures is a major part of local history.

With over 15 years of experience under his belt, He`s the man with the plan, and if you wanna experience the most ferocious beast in the Dusty for a gauranteed Hog catch....and one of the ultimate rushes in hunting!


Holly hog hunting Feb 2013




Kelly Strain,Dusty Hobbs and Jeff Preskitt





1051 lb Hog in Alabama
Killed by An 11 year old boy

May 3rd, 2007 Monster Hog killed in Alabama



Wild Hog in Texas

Hunting Hogs
So what should a hunter do to successfully find and take these hard to hunt hogs? First of all it's fair to assume that the population of wild hogs in a given hunting area will strongly determine the success of a hunter. In areas with high population or overpopulation the easier it will be to successfully hunt wild hogs.
In most any situation hunters can improve their odds on taking a hog by following some simple guidelines.
In many cases the first signs of wild hogs are noticed in open fields where they have begun rooting up the ground. Rooting is one of the highly prevalent sign hogs can make. They're easy to spot and keep track of.

The first mistake hunters will make after noticing rooting is to go in the woods and search of the hog's hide out. That is the last thing a hunter should do. The first thing that should be done is to study the sign and determine how fresh the sign is and for how long, or how many days the hogs have been rooting in one area. This is important information, because wild hogs are creatures of habit. The one thing that hunters can and should try to take advantage of is the hog's repetitive behavior or patterns, which is a weakness. A hunter should look for trails leading into the rooted pastures. Hogs will often use the same trail over and over again making a clean path under a fence and into the fields or pastures. They will often root in same areas for days and weeks at a time. By studying and identifying these sign a skilled hunter should be able to determine whether or not the hogs have established a consistent pattern.
Hog Wallows and rubs are also signs made by wild hogs that a hunter can watch for and establish patterns on. By judging the activity at these locations and combining the rooting in pastures and other areas hunters can put together and establish a solid pattern of hog activity which is a must for a successful hunt.
It's not necessary to establish a complete pattern from the bedding area to the rooting area. All that is needed is one firm piece of the pattern, such as the rooting in fields. Once that pattern is established a hunter can begin developing a method or strategy to hunt the hogs. Which will be discussed later. BAITING HOGS
A hunter can also change and alter the patterns of hogs to suit his needs. In fact deer hunters shoot many hogs, over corn feeders. There are many reasons why corn feeders are an asset to hunting hogs. The main reason is that they can alter and strengthen hog patterns and bring the hogs to hunters instead of the hunters having to find the hogs. This goes back to the basic principal, mentioned earlier, of not going in to find the hogs because it runs them off and they may not return. That's a big mistake when it comes to hog hunting.

Again, the idea way to a successful hog hunt is to take advantage of the hog's weaknesses.
The most popular way to do this is with bait. In some states this may not be legal, to some hunters it may not be ethical, but none the less it is a highly successful strategy. By routinely baiting one or more spots whether with automated feeders or other devices hogs can be lured into a routine or pattern that can help make any hunter successful. With care and proper hunting techniques it can bring in hogs and in many cases it can hold hogs on the hunters property.


HogZilla... probablly larger on the internet than in life.


A 1100 lb hog killed in southern Florida.


This gentleman bagged this Hog on a ranch in California

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