Monster Catfish In Texas

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John Smith,  Master Of Catfishing

This is John Smith, and yes , thats his real name.  You  would think that would be a common name , but he s the only John Smith Ive ever met.

Whats not common about John,  is he consistently catches  these Monster size catfish!!!
If you ask him how to catch these fish, he will tell ya. Live Bait!

These Monsters were taken in Lake Wright Pattman in northeast Texas.
Well thats all for now, but Ill be back later with more........I gotta go fishin with John and catch some of those Monsters!!!




Nothing On John

No one has anything on John, when it comes to catfishing.
Even the guys who hold the world records, would admire
the fact that he is consistent in catching huge FISH!



Super Crappie Fisherman As well!

A master crappie fisherman!

Now thats a catch!

127 lb cat , caught on Lake Texoma

February 2008

February 2008

Fishing lake Wright Patman, It took John 30 minutes to land this 37 lb. Blue Channell Cat, using a 8 lb test line and a crappie jig

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